Couldn’t ask for a more passionate and dedicated Personal trainer, regardless of your goals RaynerTrainer can facilitate. would recommend to anyone. My aim was to bulk and accumulate mass, though I still have a long way to go. With the assistance and professionalism I got from RaynerTrainer I have been put onto the right track, not only with my exercises but my diet too!

-Sonny Rumbold-

I am very grateful for Rayner Trainers help. The plan he designed is clear and easy to follow and is really beneficial to help me make the time I spend in the gym effective. Jack is always available to answer questions big or small and has really helped me to understand how to lose weight and tone my muscles. Thank you for your continued support, guidance and help, I would recommend you to anyone that needs/wants help.

-Jessica Maxfield-

As someone who struggles with the gym and confidence I cant thank jack enough for helping me to start gaining it back. Confidence. The confidence to try something new. To ask for help. To get better. To understand what helps my body. The gym plan that is easy to understand but can be changed if needed to suit my abilities. Jack is supportive and helpful. I couldn’t ask for a better friend to help me and couldn’t recommend anyone more to help start your change for the better!

-Amy Lora Cole- 

I’ve been going to the gym day in day out for the last 2 years now doing the same things and not noticing any difference. That’s where Raynertrainer came in! He put me on a structured plan that was easy to follow and understand which made it a lot easier for me to follow. Within a few weeks I already started to notice a difference in both my strength and appearance. I’m still really enjoying my training and still seeing great results! Can’t recommend him high enough!

-Sam Hopkin-